Monday, August 5, 2013


Since last year, I really wanted to have my Tragus pierced badly. Though I had my ears pierced for  9 times already ( got rid 5 of them because of some "student duties"), I was still afraid to have my Tragus pierced. For the Tragus Piercing, Facial Piercing, Lip Piercing, Genital Piercing and Oral Piercing, your "piercer" wont be using the usual tool (ear piercing gun). Instead, he will use needles, clamps, and everything, and that was the reason why I havent got the courage to have my Tragus pierced as soon as possible. Using the usual method, which is the "ear piercing gun" to have your ears pierced has no problem for me because it will take just one second for the session to be over, then viola, you already have your ear pierced. Since getting your Tragus pierced is different and piercers wont be using the piercing gun for it, it took me a long time to get my Tragus pierced. I was afraid that getting my Tragus pierced might hurt a lot and might cause my ear to bleed (lol I'm a hemophobic). But last month, my friend, Melissa, asked me if I still want to get a Tragus Piercing. She wants her Tragus to be pierced too! (Yeheeeeyy, happy kid right here!) We set a date to visit a piercing shop and finally get our Tragus pierced and we chose August 17 since my schedule is so hectic (lol blame it on my medical course). But luck was not my friend, Mel decided to move the date from August 17 to August 3. I was a bit devastated because our Midterm Exams started on that date too! I immediately checked my planner to check if I got tons of exams that day, but luckily, I had no exam scheduled for that day! YESSSS! Thank you, Mr. Luck (we were friends after all :D )

August 3 came sooner as I thought! I was a bit nervous and at the same time excited when we went to Ronnie's Tattoo and Piercing studio at Maanyag Spa, Ayala Center. I was the first to get my Tragus pierced since Mel and I had a deal that I will be pierced first ( she's more coward than me haha). I thought that it was going to hurt my ear a lot, like a lot a lot, but it didn't! I was actually shocked because it didnt hurt at all! My Tragus Piercing costs 700 php. Yes, it's a bit pricey but heyyyy, it's worth the pay! Trust me! :) 

Here's a picture of my Tragus Piercing. :)

The piercer chose this kind of jewelry (hoop) because he said that using such will heal my piercing a whole lot faster than using the other kind. I wanted to use stud earring, and not the hoop one. But since it's for my own good, I agreed to just use the hoop one. Anyway I can change the jewelry right after 2-3 wks. Yeyy! <3

To those who are planning to have their Tragus pierced, go on! I guarantee that it will be worth it! :)

getting your Tragus pierced is a different story.